I know this stuff is no fun, but it’s important you read it all carefully and all the way through. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to shoot me an email. 

In the following, Leila Rader Designs will be referred to as "I" and the client will be referred to as "you."

+ The design process cannot begin until your start date & until we have all the information requested from you in the Leila Rader Design Form.

+ When your start date begins, please be prepared. I will be emailing you that day & will need all the content and inspiration form from you. If I don’t hear from you within 5 days, I will have to push back your start date as I do have multiple clients scheduled.

I cannot get started on your site until Leila Rader Designs ‘Disclaimer Form’ is signed and sent back via e-mail.

I am not responsible for the purchase of your domain or hosting. This is solely your responsibility.

I do offer recommendations for domain & hosting providers, but as I am in the business of design, I am not an expert in this eld and encourage you to do your own research if you have any concerns.

When your mood board is completed, you are entitled to three revisions of the mood board.

I encourage your input during the design process, but also understand opinions can change. Once the site is complete & built to your speci cations- I will give you one week to make minor changes. I will not be able to do a complete redesign of any pages / major elements (i.e. logo/layout). If you want a complete redesign of a page or a logo, you will be subject to an additional cost.

As I am a graphic and web designer, there are some things that just cannot be done. If this is the case I will let you know beforehand. I will provide you with my best work.

The cost to design a website is $3,000. I require to have the $3,000 payment upfront in full in order to hold your spot and begin the design. This web design package allows for 20 hours, including design phone calls and edits. This should be more than enough time to complete the website, but if we are getting close to the 20 hour mark I will keep you informed. Anything exceeding 15 hours will be subject to my hourly rate of $100.

If you decide to independently edit or update the web pages or to hire someone else to make changes to the site after completion, I am not responsible for any of these changes or if any problems arise.

You agree to guarantee any creative elements used on your site posted by you is owned by the client. I am not held responsible for blog elements furnished by you. In the same regard, you will hold me harmless as well as protect me from any claim or suit arising due not legally sourcing any content that is someone else’s.


I do not guarantee that my services will bring site traffic or business to your site.

A footer will be added to the bottom of your site stating “Designed by Leila Rader Designs” with a link to my site. We will match the colors to the design of your site. This footer can not be removed as long as you have your design live.

If you wish to have free reign to edit my design I offer the purchase of design rights from Leila Rader Designs for $250. This fee will make it so you can personally edit any files, request our Photoshop files for your site, and remove our footer. In this case, your site will also be removed from my portfolio & I will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise in the future.

If I feel that the working relationship between us is not cohesive to productivity, I do reserve the right to refuse service.

I do not offer refunds on completed sites if you decide you want to go in another direction. References are available upon request. I look forward to working with you!